Over $1,000,000 USD  traded in Pixa NFTs so far...

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See what we're brewing up next!

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Q1 2022

  • Merch store goes live.

  • Relic #4 release

Q3 2022

  • PixaRealm Land Sale

  • Tomes of the PixaRealm release

Q2 2022

  • Creature #2 release (May 7th)

  • $ELXR release

Q4 2022

  • PixaRealm metaverse v1 release


A number of items will be accomplished over 2022 including bringing all collections on-chain through storage on Ethereum AND Arweave, quarterly updates to the PixaRealm metaverse, and a few other surprises!

Completed roadmaps:


  • Launching "Creature" collections

  • Creating an arcade game for PixaWizard owners only

  • Creating metaverse clubhouses (PixaWizard Pub and PixaWitch Tavern in cryptovoxels)


  • Creation of our own erc20 utility token: $PIXA

  • Creating the WizarDAO and have an accompanying DAO NFT (designed by acclaimed 3D artist Tim Riopelle)

  • Creating a rewards system for the fair distribution of $PIXA

  • 3D metaverse - The PixaRealm - demo

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Meet the team!

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artist, creative.

Traditional artist that got sucked down the NFT rabbit hole. Constantly creating. Likes cats. And dogs. And all other animals.

Kryptonika has created all the pixel and 3D voxel artwork for the Pixa NFT collections. She is a co-founder.


dev, nerd.

Self taught coder that is attempting to be useful in web3. Constantly learning. Biggest source of pride: his Tommy Bahama collection.

metamunch has created all the smart contracts and web3 interfaces for Pixa. He is a co-founder.

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pixel ninja.

Digital illustrator and space nerd, loves long walks on the beach and kittens.

Anarky has created various 1/1 works for Pixa as well as the artwork for CryptoChompz.


community manager,
likes dragons.

Is dragon. Does parkour. Loves God, games, learning & things. Serial Discord mod & community person. Ironic for an introvert, huh?


Come say hi in discord!